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July 11, 2003 No Comments »

JC Chasez’s album, and his collaborations, are starting to leak on the Internet. Sure, there’s only an average of one minute, thirty seconds of each song. That doesn’t mean some of us haven’t listened to them a million times already. Imagine what we’ll be like when his album comes out.


“Adidas”: Bwhahahahahahaha, I’m a roller-coaster-ridin’ baby who dreams about sex all the time with you, and that’s funny as shit.

“Build My World”: I think this song is simply brilliant and it makes me want to pet his hoochie-trolling ass on the head, the poor boy.

“One Night Stand”: The only reason this song works is because JC is a dork and we know it and have accepted it and you can imagine him trying to pick up a girl with the line “You got me all dizzy like my cap is on too tight” and therefore it just sort of works. This song, coming from anyone else, would be unacceptable.

“Some Girls”: It’s kind of boring, yet kind of funny. But it doesn’t make me want to dance, which I think it’s supposed to do, so take that as you will.

“Come to Me”: I’m so disappointed in Mr. “Freak Me” JC. It’s mellow and uninspiring and the beat is too slow to dance to properly, and it sort of makes me want to take a nap.


“Adidas”: It’s so eighties, baby. So eighties and boppy and I want to put on my leg warmers and braided headbands so I can skate around the roller rink.

“One Night Stand”: I’m so in love with the beat of this that I can’t wait to have my Mini so I can drive around with this song pumping the fuck out of the bass. Maybe, just maybe, cruising around for some cute boy to make kiss the sky.

“Some Girls”: I was hoping this would be really hot and risqué, but alas, it’s not.

“Come to Me”: All I can hear is, “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” or some other freaky digitized song from my youth. It’s so undistinguished that I didn’t realize it wasn’t in my winamp list, and after giving it another listen, I realize that I wasn’t missing anything.

“Build My World”: Ack ack ack ack! Ballad! I just can’t get past the whole balladyness of it all – sorry.

“Somnambulist”/”Force of Gravity”: I’ve never really understood “dance music” that has the same beat and minimal (and usually stupidly boring) lyrics – like that “There’s a Stranger in My House” all the radio stations were fond of for a while. But I really need to find some club where I can force these songs on the DJ and run down to the dancefloor and gyrate for a while. Soon.


“Adidas”: In a late-breaking story, popstar JC Chasez was reportedly involved in a minor accident this morning on his way to the studio where he is recording his highly anticipated solo album – he appears fine, although there were several unconfirmed reports late this afternoon that he had swallowed Devo.

“Build My World”: The verse intrigues me, “Someone for everyone but no one for me” elicits a whimper, the chorus makes me nervous, and I’d like to know who the person is who made JC listen to late 80s-vintage Prince, so that I can erect a shrine in his or her honor.

“One Night Stand”: JC…He just…He asked some girl if she wanted to…He…I need a minute.

“Some Girls”: I hereby donate the services of the PopGurls when it comes time to film this video – we’ll move on each other, JC, we promise.

“Come to Me”: If I were just to go by the verse here, I might think that this is the intergalactic love story we’ve been promised/threatened with; unfortunately, I might also adore it.

“Somnambulist”/ “Force of Gravity”: Funny, I think I might kinda like electronica – and it’s only the tiniest bit because of JC’s practically-unhearable backing vox on “Somnambulist.” In FOG, it sounds as if JC has been caught in a sandstorm, only pretty – however, willa claims this is a combined effect of the computer and speakerphone, so perhaps I do not have the most holistic take on this particular track.


“Adidas”: It’s JC doing Britpop, complete with fake accent! I love it! And you can drive around with your friends and scream the chorus at the top of your lungs – it was made for that.

“Build My World”: JC sounds so dreamy here, especially in that moment where he channels Prince, but it’s still a ballad. A schmoopy one.

“One Night Stand”: We’ll play this every night at the fictional PopGurls club. We can edit the talking parts, though, so as not to interrupt the sex-ay dancing.

“Some Girls”: I have hopes that this song, in its entirety, will be really good. I love the mumbling, and the “Move your body so sexy” part.

“Come to Me”: When I first had all the song snippets together in one place, this was my favorite. I think it still has some of my favorite JC lyrics ever. It kind of drones, though.

“Somnambulist”/ “Force of Gravity”: JC is so non-existent on “Somnabulist” that I almost don’t believe he’s there at all. Love the song, though. “Force of Gravity” is about three minutes too long, but it’s genius. JC sounds amazing, and when the dance beat drops out and it’s just him, I get shivers.


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