Jorja Fox Bows Out

October 18, 2007 No Comments »

So, it’s official. Despite the best efforts of fans and their hopeful campaign — Jorja Fox is definitely leaving CSI this season.

According to, Jorja’s reasons for leaving:
“There are all these things I want to do. Some are personal. Some are professional. And I really need to do some of them before I get too old… If I thought the show were on its last legs, I would have tried harder to stay the course. But I feel like its going to be around for a while, so if I don’t want some of those dreams to pass me by. I have to get off the ride for a while.”

I’m certainly disappointed. While I’ve sampled from each of the CSI franchises, it’s the original that has kept me hooked. It’s the main characters and their relationships that grab me more than anything else — from the beginning, I’ve been taken by the fact that they’re all flawed. Flawed in their own ways, which makes them so much more tangible. (I don’t think the Miami and New York spin-offs get that.)

Sara has always been my favorite character and, while I’m not a hardcore ‘shipper, I do enjoy the ins and outs, the subtle flirtations of the Sara/Grissom relationship. I can’t say that I’ll give up on the show, and I’ll give it a chance with the new characters, but some of the light will have definitely dimmed once Sara’s gone.

Read our interview with Jorja Fox here

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