Pop Music Is One Big SNL Sketch These Days

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“Deep House Dish” is one of Saturday Night Live‘s more popular recurring sketches of the past few years. When it debuted in 2005, it was an absurd send-up of house, techno, and Euro-pop music that bore little resemblance to America’s pop scene. But in recent years, U.S. pop music has taken on a decidedly kooky new slant – and if you’ve ever thought that today’s pop stars look like something out of an SNL sketch, you might be right on the money.

Here’s a look at eight pop stars who bear a striking resemblance to their SNL prototypes…

1. Jackie Arrastao (Amy Poehler) totally looks like… Robyn




Poehler’s got Robyn’s asymmetrical blonde cut, but current SNL star Taran Killam’s got her moves.


2. Donna Smalls English (Scarlett Johansson) totally looks like… Ke$ha








Roll her in glitter and douse her in whiskey, and Johansson’s a dead ringer for Ke$ha.


3. Tamela Foxx (Kristen Wiig) totally looks like… Rihanna








Or, at least, like she’s wearing a $20 Rihanna Halloween costume.


4. Dee False & Caj Cade (Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Poehler) totally look like… Martin Solveig & Dragonette








Sure, it’s a bit of a stretch – but throw a couple parkas on the “Hello” singers and I totally see it.


5. Danny McCooz (Ryan Reynolds) totally looks like… Chet Haze








Tom Hanks’ douchebag rapper son has a new doppelganger, and he’s played by the star of The Green Lantern. Huh.

6. Kayleesha Kang (Amy Poehler) totally looks like… Nicki Minaj








Minaj has been accused of aping both Lady Gaga and Missy Elliott, but has anyone brought up that she’s clearly ripping off Amy Poehler here? Priorities, people!

7. Miss Ice Tia (Kristen Wiig) totally looks like… Lady Gaga

Honestly, if you told me this dress was originally from Gaga’s closet, I’d believe you without a moment’s hesitation.

8. Tres Latraj (Amy Poehler) totally looks like… Katy Perry

Apparently, half the audience at the Grammys, including Perry, should’ve been paying Poehler royalties. Come on!

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