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Someone just stumbled across PopGurls by using this search term: “how gurls com there selfs”

I’m weirdly fascinated by this. are they looking for masturbation techniques or is it some inquisitive boy desperate to know how ladies get off?

Google definitely thinks this is all about the personal masturbation inquiry, but then they quickly backtrack and offer up Discovery Girls, For Colored Gurls: Helping Girls Find Their Inner Strength, PopGurls and then Suicide Girls.

Anyway, I wish I could help our new visitor out. We have covered the following:

Porn? For Me? — a porn gift-giving guide

Pet Me — we review sex tips from guy’s magazines

And What Makes Sexy? (pretty self-explanatory)

However, for more personal information, I suggest Scarleteen, reading a ton of smutty fanfic (I feel like I learned A LOT about all the options in gay sex from fanfic) and just gettin’ down to business and see what feels good. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Feeling good.

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