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PopGurls Overview

Offering offbeat and irreverent commentary and coverage of pop culture, PopGurls is a web magazine for anyone who likes a little bit of irony with their entertainment news.

PopGurls is broken down into six main areas: Interviews, Entertainment, Musings, Advice, The Attic and the Blog. In Interviews, we talk to celebs of all stature, from television producers to online personalities. Television, music, movie, and book coverage can be found in Entertainment. In Advice, we round up crafty do-it-yourself projects and also offer snarky advice on self-betterment. We’re adding two new sections with the relaunch: Musings, showcases essays and our personal rants on a variety of topics; and The Attic: for everything we once were obsessed with and now can’t bear to part with. You’ll find all things *NSYNC and Degrassi in here.

The PopGurls Themselves

PopGurls is the brainchild of four women, all in different industries and scattered around the U.S.A. growing network of guest writers gives us the opportunity to introduce new voices to our readers.

Contact the PopGurls directly at amy@popgurls.com

Submit pitches to submissions@popgurls.com

PopGurls: The Site

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to have some very talented folks support us in keeping the site running.

With our latest redesign, Cari Johnson of Cari Leigh Creative developed our new logo! Go check her and her awesomeness out!

Savy Kansal is our expert web developer and made sure that everything worked perfectly.

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