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The 400th MSG Review You’ve Read

April 17, 2001 No Comments »

Written by Melynee, Amanda, Michelle You know, we’ve all read a million and one reviews of *NSYNC’s Live from Madison Square Garden concert, and probably so have you. Is that going to stop us from rambling on about it? Hell ... Read More »

Spoilers: the Crack of Generation Net

April 1, 2001 No Comments »

Amy, Michelle • Anyway, the gist of it is: spoilers bad, ruin show, bad spoilers, bad Read More »

That’s the Way Love Goes, Again

March 14, 2001 No Comments »

Written by Melynee, Amanda MTVIcon: Janet Jackson brought us an unexpected treat – *NSYNC not only doing a fantastic cover, but putting their own spin on the video itself. The first viewing left most popgurls nearly incoherent, but after subsequent ... Read More »

Justin’s Letters to His Garbage Can

March 1, 2001 No Comments »

It shouldn’t need to be said, but when Amy and Michelle get bored… well, it isn’t good. Inspired by the work of art that is known in the PopGurls-verse as the Lucy song, we’ve done some digging, yo, and we ... Read More »

The Great Lucy Debate

February 26, 2001 No Comments »

From: Michelle Subject: RE: RE: RE: joey says, “HOLD THE PICKLE!” Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 11:35:36 – 0600 (EST) …And I lovers Amanda, because she lent me the first *NSYNC CD to listen to. And I’ll probably burn it ... Read More »