American Finale

August 14, 2003 No Comments »

Amanda • Is that the best they could come up with to end the American Pie franchise Read More »

The Deal With Mandy Moore

July 25, 2003 No Comments »

Amanda • Teen angst is tops in How To Deal Read More »

Legally Watchable

July 10, 2003 No Comments »

Amanda • Does Legally Blond 2 taste great, or is it less filling Read More »

Ahoy Ye Teenies

July 10, 2003 No Comments »

Amanda • Johnny Depp is the gayest pirate ever to hit the mainstream. There is, perhaps, gay porn where the actors pretend to be pirates, and that possibly might be more gay. Read More »

Lee Does Lee

June 26, 2003 No Comments »

Melynee • The Hulk is a mixed bag Read More »

Got the Job Done?

June 10, 2003 No Comments »

Amy, Amanda • Amy and Amanda are split on The Italian Job Read More »

True Confessions

March 10, 2003 No Comments »

Amanda • Creator of TV shows. CIA assassin. Boring story Read More »