Buffy Bitching

May 1, 2001 No Comments »

Michelle, Amanda, Amy • We love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But lately, it's done nothing but frustrate us Read More »

X-Files: MSR D.O.A.

April 20, 2001 No Comments »

Amanda, Kathy Adams • So, while all this was going on, the fans were going wild, and writing all sorts of steaming, sexy stories about them admitting their love. Including, um, us Read More »

Spoilers: the Crack of Generation Net

April 1, 2001 No Comments »

Amy, Michelle • Anyway, the gist of it is: spoilers bad, ruin show, bad spoilers, bad Read More »

Reality Shines in American High

January 1, 2001 No Comments »

Melynee • It wasn't dressed up; there wasn't a string underscore to cue me that this was a "sad" moment, there were no close-ups or dramatic lighting Read More »

Roswell: Welcome to the Cult of Insanity

Roswell: Welcome to the Cult of Insanity
January 1, 2001 No Comments »

Michelle • Fandom spawns the morass of insanity known to us as 'shippers Read More »