Flying Solo, Take 2

October 17, 2003 No Comments »

I was doing so well. A year in exile at a theater in Pennsylvania had me completely out of the *NSYNC loop. Even after my release into the wilds of pop culture in March, a combination of shockingly slow Internet ... Read More »

Schizophrenic Round-Up

July 11, 2003 No Comments »

JC Chasez’s album, and his collaborations, are starting to leak on the Internet. Sure, there’s only an average of one minute, thirty seconds of each song. That doesn’t mean some of us haven’t listened to them a million times already. ... Read More »

The Justified Round-Up

November 10, 2002 No Comments »

Our little Justin Timberlake is all grown up! He’s gone and made a solo album just like everyone said he would! But is this kid Justified? We rounded up some people and issued this challenge: One album, three paragraphs. Justin’s ... Read More »

Just Drive, She Said

July 30, 2002 No Comments »

Written by Amy, Amanda VH1′s latest Driven episode, featuring *NSYNC, was both a three-hankie weeper and a revelation (despite barely scraping the surface of the group’s history). Chances are that it left husks of broken fans across the country, huddled ... Read More »

Oops, I Did It Again

April 3, 2002 No Comments »

This is a hard thing for a guy to admit in public, but I believe in an honest review: I saw *NSYNC again, and this time I kind of liked it. Instead of being in a catatonic, over-stimulated daze, I ... Read More »

Big Boys, Small Screen

April 3, 2002 No Comments »

I saw the Pop Odyssey concert six times in person, so it’s understandable that I would have doubts about the Pop Odyssey concert video. When you’re sitting so close to the stage that Joey notices you’ve had the same seats ... Read More »

Desperately Seeking BGL

March 16, 2002 No Comments »

I’ve seen three *NSYNC shows this tour, and written three different reviews. It’s all Lance’s fault. And being a writerly-type person, I don’t easily give up on stuff I’ve written. So let’s just pretend that everyone in the ‘net world ... Read More »