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Degrassi S3: The Power of Love

May 19, 2004 Comments Off

“My diligent locker custodians. I’ll be back in 15 minutes to inspect all your hard work. And once they’re clean… hello, summer.” The bell rings as Snake ends his speech. Degrassi extras fill the hall, throwing away the contents of ... Read More »

Degrassi S3: Our House

May 6, 2004 Comments Off

Here’s something I just realized, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before now: Sean’s navy knit cap is evil. It’s true! Whenever he wears it he is tempted into doing very bad deeds. Right now, for instance… “Our ... Read More »

Degrassi S3: I Want Candy

April 17, 2004 No Comments »

Ms. Hatzilakos is wearing her ubiquitous lab coat and explaining how the final exams are going to work in science class. The material will focus mostly on the second term, but since the principles from second term rely heavily on ... Read More »

Degrassi S3: It’s Raining Men

March 23, 2004 No Comments »

A car pulls up to the school, and before we can see him, we hear Marco calling out to us. Or rather, to Paige, Spinner and Hazel, who are walking up the front steps. It’s a weird bit of overdubbing. ... Read More »

Degrassi S3: Rock and Roll High

March 23, 2004 Comments Off

Jimmy, Spinner and Marco walk down the hall in order of height from right to left. Jimmy is explaining that the new Kid Albert CD is amazing. It has a totally new sound! They approach Craig, who is fixated on ... Read More »

Degrassi S3: Don’t Dream It’s Over

March 10, 2004 No Comments »

The 10th grade couples are having lunch outside. Paige is describing the “Paige Party On Wheels,” which amounts to little more than Paige having custody of her parents’ minivan for the weekend. I’ve gotta say, when I was in high ... Read More »

Degrassi S3: Take On Me

March 2, 2004 No Comments »

The Degrassi episode “Take On Me” isn’t just inspired by The Breakfast Club, it’s a thirty-minute remake of it, with a slight romantic twist. The cast of characters is as follows: Jimmy: Andrew (Emilio Estevez) Hazel: Claire (Molly Ringwald) Ellie: ... Read More »