PopGurls Interview: Degrassi and Instant Star’s Linda Schuyler

January 1, 2007 No Comments »

Amanda • She talks about storyline do-overs and why turning 18 can't solve everything Read More »

Degrassi S4: Secrets 1 & 2

July 20, 2005 No Comments »

Written by Mandy There’s a model of a stage and we hear Danny talking from behind it. He’s reading his lines for the upcoming play “Dracula,” which if you remember took some effort to get approved after the Rick Incident. ... Read More »

Degrassi S4: Voices Carry 2

January 26, 2005 No Comments »

Craig sits amidst the rubble of his hotel room, toying with his mother’s ring. His tie is askew and his hair is delightfully tousled. Leave it to Craig to look hot after having a total mental meltdown. The phone rings, ... Read More »

Degrassi S4: Voices Carry 1

January 26, 2005 Comments Off

Extras walk by nonchalantly as Craig and Ashley make out on the school’s front steps. I say “make out,” but really they’re kissing fairly chastely, which is a disappointment to everyone, if by “everyone” I mean “me.” Craig goes away, ... Read More »

Degrassi S4: Neutron Dance

January 7, 2005 No Comments »

Downtown Sasquatch is in the hooooooouse! Or, rather, Joey’s garage. They’re rehearsing the crappy upbeat reggae song from the pep squad carwash. This time, though, it sucks like never before. Craig is looking mighty skinny in his hipster t-shirt, and ... Read More »

Degrassi S4: Back In Black

December 15, 2004 No Comments »

Written by Mandy Sean and Ellie are standing in front of a school bus, though it is unclear whether or not they used it to get to school. Sean flips through several newspapers plastered with his face and headlines about ... Read More »

Degrassi Kicks It, Old School

December 5, 2004 No Comments »

Written by Mandy Degrassi Junior High came into my life around 1987. I was 11 years old and just happened to be watching PBS when a show about junior high kids came on and rocked my world. I was hooked ... Read More »